Veterinary medicine is a cause worth advancing

Maryland Veterinary Political Action Committee

The Maryland Veterinary Political Action Committee needs your help! We are in need of contributions from veterinarians throughout the state to help us accomplish our legislative goals in Annapolis. Regular dues that are collected to be a member of MDVMA cannot be used as campaign contributions, so a PAC is set up associated with our association to help collect and distribute funds that support our efforts to be heard by our state legislators. Without a healthy PAC, the MDVMA will be very limited in our ability to influence the legislative process.

Prefer to pay with a check? Make payable and mail to:

Maryland Veterinary PAC
PO Box 363
Hershey, PA 17033

What Is A Political Action Committee (PAC)?

A political action committee is a type of organization that collects and pools campaign contributions from its members and donates those funds to campaign for or against candidates, initiative, or legislation.

An Active Maryland Veterinary PAC gives our association:

Why Should You Donate?

EVERY veterinarian in this state is affected by bills that pass into law and try to dictate how we treat our patients, our clients, or run our businesses. If you are concerned about:

then you need to donate to the Maryland Veterinary PAC!

Invest in your future and the future of our profession by making an annual contribution to the PAC. Your contribution will have a direct effect on our ability to continue to advocate for veterinarians, veterinary medicine, and animal health and welfare.