Established in 1886, MDVMA is a community of veterinary professionals who are passionate about veterinary medicine and improving the lives of those it touches.

We are the only in-state organization that has the interests of the veterinary medical profession as its sole objective.

 Our Mission

To serve as the leader and resource for the Maryland veterinary community through communication, education, advocacy, and support for the advancement of veterinary medicine.

What Members are Saying

“This is the greatest organization on the planet. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The community aspect of being a member has led to great opportunities that have helped me flourish not just in my career but at home as well. Come join us, you won’t find another place like this for veterinarians.”


Member Benefits


Keeping you informed.

MDVMA provides timely news and updates impacting the profession. NewsBytes is our e-newsletter sent out once a month to keep members abreast of headlines, upcoming events, legislative and other relevant news. Member alerts are sent out as urgent issues arise. Make sure you follow us on Facebook & Twitter!


Keeping you protected.

MDVMA is your exclusive advocate ensuring your voice is heard at the state level. No one else protects the way you practice like us. With the guidance and direction of our lobbyist, MDVMA members monitor legislation that impacts Maryland’s veterinary community and profession. In the past few years, MDMVA has impacted the outcome of laws surrounding cat declawing, drug compounding, animal cruelty , and antimicrobial drugs.

Premium CE

Keeping you current through learning.

MDVMA members develop quality, affordable and convenient continuing education for veterinarians, technicians, and practice managers. As a member of MDVMA, your online profile provides you with registration discounts.


Keeping you in touch with colleagues.

Social activities and events allow for MDVMA members to keep their network of colleagues and peers connected. MDVMA understands the day-to-day life veterinarian teams lead and tries to support you with the tools and information to help you stay engaged with one another.


Keeping your wellbeing a priority.

The well-being of veterinary professionals is one of the most prominent issues facing the profession today. Whether it is finding a healthy work-life-balance or managing stress and compassion fatigue, MDVMA is committed to providing members with tools and resources to support personal and professional wellbeing.

Career Center

Keeping your staffing needs in mind.

MDVMA’s online career center allows employers and job seekers to post and review positions online. Members receive an automatic discount when creating an account. The career center is free for job seekers. Prices vary for employers posting an ad.

View and/or download the MDVMA Constitution and Bylaws.

Membership Options

Together we can make a difference.

Best price

  • $280/ yr.
    • A veterinarian licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the state of Maryland, if field of employment requires licensing by state law, and must abide by all stipulations of the Maryland State Veterinary Practice Act.
    • Regular: $280 / yr.

Best price

    • Available to practices with multiple veterinarians on staff. Multiple practice locations are considered different practices.
    • 1st Veterinarian: $280 / yr.
    • 2nd Veterinarian: $205 / yr.
    • 3rd Veterinarian: $205 / yr.
    • 4th Veterinarian: $180 / yr.
    • 5th Veterinarian: $180 / yr.
    • 6th+ Veterinarian: $155 each / yr.

Best price

  • $100/ yr.
    • Graduates of a College of Veterinary Medicine who are not in private practice and is employed by local, state, federal governments, or academic veterinary medical institutions.
    • Government: $100 / yr.
    • Academic: $100 / yr.

Best price

  • FREE
    • Available to a veterinarian who otherwise qualifies for Active Membership status but is no more than one (1) year since graduating from veterinary college.
    • One-Year Grad: $0


  • $100/ yr.
    • Active MDVMA member who has been in good standing of any state VMA for at least (10) years but is retired from the veterinary profession or disabled.  A request for Retired status must be be submitted in writing.
    • Retired: $100 / yr.


  • $100/ yr.
    • Veterinarians residing in and licensed to practice in states other than Maryland.  May participate in the programs and activities of the association and utilize member discounts.  May not vote or hold office.
    • Out-of-State: $100 /yr.


  • $25/ yr.
    • Any registered veterinary technician in the state of Maryland, employed in a veterinary practice, and whose employer is an active member of the association. May not vote or hold office.
    • Technician: $25 /yr.

Best price

  • FREE
    • Students enrolled in an AVMA-accredited college/school of veterinary medicine and maintain an official residence in the state of Maryland, or attends the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine.
    • Student: $0 /yr.

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