Forward Booking

As you may know, the MDVMA is a proud Associate Member of Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP) and we are very pleased to announce a collaborative program between PHP, Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE) and our association to implement the concept of forward booking in all veterinary practices in Maryland. The MDVMA is partnering with 45 other veterinary medical associations in the US and Canada to make a difference.

Why? We believe this initiative will have a significant impact on the health of your patients and your practice. This collaborative program focuses on the importance of forward booking, which simply means scheduling all patients’ next appointments before they leave your practice, regardless of the reason for their current visit. This includes medical progress exams and preventive healthcare exams.

Forward booking ensures your patients receive the highest quality care at the right time. The traditional way to schedule appointments for your clients is costly, time-consuming, and only 30% of your clients will respond. According to the 2015 AAHA State of the Union Report, 6 out of 10 pet owners said they would forward book their next appointment before leaving the practice.

You have probably been hearing about and maybe even considering implementing forward booking in your practice, but are not quite sure how to get started. With this program, you will have a straightforward, step-by-step process that provides the entire practice team with the skills necessary to be successful.

The MDVMA provides you with all the tools to be successful. How do you get started? Here is the plan:

  1. Visit the MDVMA website and look for forward booking. Click on the banner to link you to resources that include the keys to implementation, training information and communication tips to use with your staff, and a link to order buttons (at no cost!) for your team to wear.
  2. Understand the why! Visit to view a recorded webinar with preeminent veterinary consultant Karen Felsted, CPA, MS, DVM, CVPM, CVA titled “Why Forward Booking?” It’s a great resource, available 24/7 (at no cost) to learn more about why forward booking supports healthy pets and healthy practices. It’s a great tool to use with your practice team to help them understand the importance of their role as advocates for forward booking in your practice.
  3. Talk with the coach! The MDVMA, along with VMAE, is providing the opportunity to engage with Dr. Karen Felsted in four live coaching sessions. These conference calls will be held on January 31, February 14, 21, or 28 at 1 PM EST (again, at no cost!) to answer questions you and your staff might have about implementing forward booking in your practice. Whether your team wants some expert coaching on words that work in communicating with clients about forward booking or you want to share a success story, the calls with Dr. Felsted provide the perfect venue. Just visit to click the date(s) that work best for you and register to reserve your coaching session connection.

The MDVMA is very excited to provide this opportunity. Whether you are a practice owner or an associate veterinarian, we hope that you will help to carry the message forward about forward booking in your veterinary practice. The results will be healthier patients and a healthier practice!