Building a Betterinarian

First Webinar / Sunday, January 3

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About the Webinar Series

Speaker: Heidi L. Hulon, DVM, CCFP

Building a Betterinarian is a FREE 5-part webinar series offered by MDVMA and MDVTA to members and sponsored by Elanco Animal Health. Participants may register for all 5 webinars or just 1 or a few.

4 Core Communication Skills
Sunday, January 10 / 7:00-8:30 pm / 1.00 hours CE credit provided (RACE & MDVMA)

Communication is of vital importance in practice. We utilize it with our team and our clients. While it is essential, it is not always easy. This workshop teaches participants about the 4 core communication skills: non-verbal, open-ended questions, reflective listening and empathy.

PERMAnent Well-Being
Sunday, January 17 / 7:00-8:00 pm / 1.00 hours CE credit provided (RACE & MDVMA)

What is well-being and how can you achieve it? This workshop focuses on the elements of well-being and how to use them to build a foundation upon which happiness, well-being and resiliency will develop. These elements will be revisited in the other talks to ensure acceptance and understanding.

Resiliency – Thriving Beyond Surviving
Sunday, January 24 / 7:00-8:30 pm / 1.50 hours CE credit provided (RACE & MDVMA)

Resiliency is not coping, not just getting by or through a situation. Resiliency is about getting stronger and more capable from adversity. This workshop teaches participants about the factors of resiliency and the skills needed to grow, develop and utilize it.

ENVIRONMEANT – Creating a Resilient Veterinary Team
Sunday, January 31 / 7:00-8:30 pm / 1.00 hours CE credit provided (RACE & MDVMA)

A resilient team is built upon culture and decisions. What skills and knowledge are needed to support and strengthen your team against the difficulties of that work that you do on a daily basis? This workshop goes over key elements of building a resilient team for a healthy and happy practice. Elements include creating an inviting and invincible culture, supporting and strengthening your team and defining your hospital’s meaning and purpose.

SOS – Saving Ourselves So We Can Save Others (Compassion Fatigue)
Tuesday, February 16 / 7:00-8:30 pm / 1.50 hours CE credit provided (RACE & MDVMA)

As veterinarians, we are trained to save the lives of our patients. Yet, we receive no training in how to save ourselves against all that we face in our daily This workshop goes into what veterinary empathic exhaustion is, the causes and risk factors, diagnosis and most importantly, treatment and prevention. This is an uplifting talk that will provide support and hope for the marvelous caregivers that are the veterinary health care team.

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