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Licensure Renewal for Fiscal Year 2014
by Laura C. Downes, Executive Director, State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

The renewal period for annual registration of veterinary licenses, veterinary hospital licenses, and triennial registration for veterinary technicians is right around the corner. The State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (SBVME) is encouraging its licensees to use the online system for the 2014 fiscal year (FY2014), the period covering July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. The online system may be used by veterinarians and veterinary technicians who are currently registered, and by veterinary hospital owners whose hospitals are currently licensed by the SBVME. Those who are registering for the first time are required to register by mail using a paper application. Before registering online, it is important to take note of the following:

For veterinarians and veterinary technicians: Ensure that you have completed the CE requirements and have proof of same before registering. It is not acceptable to report having completed these requirements if you have not actually done so. Further, CE hours may not be used if they were used for renewing the license in a prior year. The SBVME requires that veterinarians complete eighteen (18) hours of CE annually. However, unused credit hours/program hours earned during the 24 months preceding the beginning of the new fiscal year may be used to fulfill the annual requirement. As an example, Dr. X earns 24 hours of CE through attending a conference in May 2013. If he registers online after the conference, he indicates that he has completed the CE requirement. Dr. X may use the excess 6 hours of CE earned at this conference on his application in May 2014 or in May 2015. Dr. X will need to provide a copy of his attendance certificate to the SBVME should he be randomly selected for auditing purposes. If Dr. X registers by mail using a paper application, Dr. X will need to record certain information about the conference on the application. Dr. X shall not submit the application to the SBVME until he has attended the conference. In this instance also, Dr. X shall provide a copy of his attendance certificate to the SBVME should he be randomly selected for auditing purposes. In the alternative, he may attach a copy of the certificate to his registration application.

The SBVME will be conducting random audits of CE, and proof of attendance will need to be submitted to the SBVME in a timely manner.

On occasion, the SBVME receives requests from veterinarians employed as “interns” at veterinary hospitals who wish to use their internship experience as meeting the CE requirement. Please be advised that the 2014 fiscal year application is the last one on which a veterinary intern may report internship experience on a renewal application. This can only be done after the practice manager or supervising veterinarian has submitted a letter to the SBVME on the intern’s behalf. For the 2015 fiscal year renewal application, the SBVME is accepting internship experience only if it occurs at an AVMA-accredited institution. Experience gained through work at referral practices will not be accepted. CE requirements may be viewed at Select Chapter 10 for veterinarians or chapter 16 for veterinary technicians.

For veterinary hospital owners: Ensure that all veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians who may be working at, or for, your practice are included on the renewal application; this includes relief veterinarians and those veterinarians who work at multiple sites for one company. Changes to any information reported on this application shall be submitted in writing to the SBVME within 30 days of the change. If a hospital owner is moving a practice to a new location, opening a new hospital, or taking ownership of a currently-licensed hospital, applications for those specific situations may be obtained on the SBVME’s webpage, at

Please be advised of the following regarding online renewal:

  1. Credit card information is encrypted and only the last four digits of the number are stored.

  2. For your recordkeeping purposes, you will be able to print the application questions and your responses to them.

  3. If you have Adobe and are connected to a printer, you may print your registration certificate after your payment information is submitted. If you are not connected to a printer at the time of renewal, you may save the certificate image (Adobe PDF) and print it at a later date. In the alternative, you may select a box to have the SBVME’s office send you a certificate.

  4. For your online application to be considered timely, you must register by 12 midnight on June 30. If you opt to file a paper application by mail, your application must be postmarked no later than June 15, 2013. If your application is postmarked after June 15 and you are practicing July 1 without a registration certificate, the SBVME may take disciplinary action against you.

  5. The SBVME is planning to make reregistration via the internet the sole method for future registering. For the 2014 fiscal year registration, the SBVME will again mail paper applications to its licensees, however, this may be the last year that filing by paper will be an option.

  6. Questions about the application or renewal process may be directed to 410.841.5862.

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